Photographs may be entered into the seven categories described below:

  1. Up High
    Aerial, drone or images from up high off a balcony, ledge or mountain's edge all count!
  2. Celebrate Winter
    Winter looks different across the country and we want to see how you celebrate the cold (and snow!)
  3. Up Close
    Macrophotography of any non-living thing.
  4. Forgotten Spaces
    Rural or urban, abandoned or isolated even decaying spaces are applicable.
  5. Urban Canada
    What makes your city unique? Behind the glittering skylines of our country's major cities, historic neighbourhoods, picturesque parks, fantastic festivals and architectural gems await. We want to see your best photos capturing the colour and life of Canadian cities.
  6. Our Impact
    Capturing the beauty of the world around us is one thing, but we'd be remiss if we neglected to document the impact, as humans, we're having on our planet. Help us not to just tell these stories from wildfires, to oil spills, to invasive species but the stories of those finding solutions.
  7. People
    Show us people or just one person, wherever they may be. We want to see your community, your family and your culture. Portraits are absolutely acceptable. We want to see what your Canada looks like. Please don't gather outside of COVID-19 guidelines.

Photos must be uploaded to the appropriate category. Judges reserve the right to place the entry in an appropriate category or remove a photo from the Competition should it not be suitable for the category to which it was submitted. Photographs that are removed from the Competition are not eligible for a Prize. Photographs placed in another category are only eligible to win a Prize in the category into which the entry has been placed.